Founded in January 2009 out of a bunch of pub server bullies, pnk has evolved into a slightly tighter bunch of pub server bullies with ideas about competing. pnk puts fun over ambition, and comradeship over competition - but if you cross us, prepare to enter a world of pain. These are our values:

- Skill. We are better than noob and somewhere between good and pro.

- Attitude. We are not complainers, haters, badmouthers, or any other scum, villainy or debauchery otherwise reserved for wretched hives.

- Sense of humor. In earlier days everybody had their own sense of humor and things were good.

- Dedication. Our commitment to one another borders on the metrosexual.

- Open-mindedness. We strive to learn, engage in critique, and frag with style.

If you aspire to our standards of above-average camaraderie, why not apply to pnk? Our benefit package includes FTW league competition, use of four well-maintained servers, US and Euro-members, graduate level analysis of your academic work, free psychoanalysis, and convenient parking spaces.

pnk TS3:
pnk IRC: - channel: #pnkclan

Urban Terror

pnk Competition Server [password required]:
pnk Jump Server:

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